Joanie Culliney’s Thoughts on the Post COVID Office Return

Joan Culliney

May 22, 2021

Joanie Culliney's Thoughts on the Post COVID Office Return

Joanie Culliney knows the details of creating a new look for women. She also is very good with updating the hairstyle someone already has but who needs ideas of how to change.  She has been a salon owner and hair designer for many years.  Joanie Culliney has seen case after case where the right look moves women in their personal confidence which helps in the workspace.  With practically a full year for many working away from the office or at home, Joanie Culliney sees an excitement to reinvent a hair design and style for the return to work.  Now with the vaccine for COVID becoming available lots of people are getting ready to attend more meetings and social time.

For months people have been working behind a computer screen, and the time at home, the women she works with are looking for change and a lift to feel refreshed.  Joanie notes that as people see each other again in person, it’s fun to feel good.

Joanie Culliney is passionate about helping women that are stuck with what to do to bring on the professional appearance going back into the workforce.

Joanie Culliney doesn’t believe all will be stressful or challenging with a return to the office. It’s a great time to make a change in appearance and set a new pace. Since folks haven’t seen each other for a year, why not go back in with a bang and a new look to catch some favorable attention? A new look tends to get people to react, pay attention, and compliment. It can put you in a good mood as well as increase overall confidence. Change is good and can bring excitement to the daily grind of getting ready. It also boosts the confidence to participate.

Joanie Culliney, feels getting prepared and set up with a professional hairstyle, makeup and wardrobe makeover can make a big splash in a positive manner. Joanie Culliney thinks, what better way, is there to make a return to the office?